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Christopher McCavitt


North America

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Chris McCavitt is a Managing Director with Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice, based in the New York office. In his Kroll career, Chris has managed a wide range of sensitive engagements for clients across numerous industry sectors. He has also played a leading role in the development of a ground-breaking cyber offering.

In 2015 and 2016, Chris led an internal team that developed an innovative cyber security assessment offering. The offering combines Kroll’s cyber security expertise, and the cyber-insurance underwriting expertise of an outside partner, in a framework geared toward helping large, complex organizations achieve a state of cyber-resiliency.

Also in 2015 and 2016 Chris has co-led two significant anti-corruption investigations. In the first of these investigations, Chris developed the strategy for a global asset search to identify and retrieve assets allegedly misappropriated by the ringleaders of a large and complex bribery scheme. In the second investigation, Chris co-led a significant internal investigation of a large organization that had been the focus of corruption allegations.

During his 16-year career in the corporate investigative field, Chris has managed and conducted hundreds of complex investigations that have included:

  • Business intelligence assignments to close knowledge gaps for hedge fund clients and other investment decision-makers
  • Dispute investigations in support of litigation, proxy contests, and strategic communications strategy
  • Due diligence investigations to help clients assess key principals in advance of IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, and other important transactions
  • Investigations to assess allegations of fraud and other improprieties

International investigations have been a special focus area for Chris. Prior to his tenure at Kroll, Chris was a founding partner of a boutique risk management consultancy that specialized in assisting U.S. multinationals with investigative and security problems in high-risk international environments. While at Kroll, Chris has conducted and supervised a range of complex assignments across the world, including strategic asset traces.

In addition to his work as an investigative case manager, Chris also helps Kroll to manage the firm’s research and analysis capabilities. He has served as Director of Research for Kroll’s New York office, and is now directing a program to help Kroll develop the next generation of investigative research and analysis tools and processes. Chris spent years as an investigative research analyst and investigator before he became a Managing Director and has expert knowledge of the private investigative research and analysis process.

Professional Experience

  • Served on the leadership team of a large, complex anti-corruption investigation in Brazil. Also in Brazil, developed the strategy for a complex, international investigation to trace funds and other assets allegedly misappropriated through a bribery and corruption scheme.
  • A complex, multidisciplinary internal investigation to assess allegations that an international company in a regulated sector was trading with North Korea.
  • Numerous investigations to develop tactical information for hedge fund clients seeking to assess the integrity of companies in China and other international locations.
  • An investigation in support of a corporate management team as they successfully defended themselves from a takeover bid made by an aggressive activist investor.
  • Working on behalf of a major multinational company, an investigation to determine whether a senior executive was accepting kickbacks from the company’s vendors.
  • An investigation to trace the assets of a powerful Asian business leader. Because of this individual’s political power in his home country, Kroll’s investigation was directed toward discovering assets he was concealing in other countries.
  • An investigation to determine whether the senior executive of a global company was guilty of serious breaches of company policy, including inappropriate favoritism toward key, non-performing vendors.
  • A complex due diligence investigation of a power broker in an African country. The investigation was focused on examining the ties between this individual and a dictatorial regime.
  • Developed and executed a program to identify, locate, and interview hundreds of key witnesses in support of clients involved in a complex lawsuit in the United States.
  • An investigation into the reasons behind the collapse of a large financial institution, in particular determining what senior officers knew at given times during the months prior to the company’s collapse.
  • Research component of an investigation to determine whether a client had historical links to the slave trade.
  • An investigation to discover the reasons for the disappearance and death of a European businessman in an African country.
  • Research efforts for a global asset search of a fraudster who pilfered hundreds of millions of dollars from a bank.
  • Research efforts for a manhunt to find an embezzler who stole millions of dollars from a bank and disappeared.

Education and Certifications

  • M.A., Latin American Studies, Government and History, University of Texas at Austin
  • Master of Philosophy, Cambridge University