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Benedict Hamilton

MANAGING DIRECTOR, Business Intelligence and Investigations


Kroll Associates UK
Nexus Place, 25 Farringdon Street
London, EC4A 4AB

Benedict Hamilton is a Managing Director in Kroll’s global Business Intelligence and Investigations practice. Based in London, he leads Kroll’s General Investigations team for the EMEA region, specializing in digital investigations, including open source, and the tools and methodologies that enable clients to combat cyber crime, leaks of confidential information, counterfeiting, and intellectual property (IP) theft.

Benedict started working for Kroll in 1999 and has been instrumental in developing new methodologies to achieve good results for clients through combinations of civil and criminal process, sometimes combined with litigation funding. Benedict also started the new tech group at Kroll which has led to the adoption of new tools for mining the deep web and social media for investigations.

Prior to joining Kroll, Benedict spent 12 years producing investigative television programmes for the BBC and Channel 4, and was twice Channel 4’s nomination for Royal Television Society (RTS) best journalism awards for programmes on Northern Irish terrorism and Combat 18.

Professional Experience

Recent Cases of Note

  • Project leader in a case that thwarted a multimillion-dollar extortion attempt by a hacker who held company data by recovering the data before it could be released.
  • Identifying a malicious tweeter through clues in the tweet contents, deep web, and whois data.
  • Led a team that identified and located those responsible for a $25 million BTC theft from social media and IP access clues, for law enforcement to prosecute.
  • Led a successful investigation into unauthorised access of a CEO’s corporate mailbox and the resulting circulation of emails, finding and stopping the perpetrator for a FTSE 30 business.
  • Masterminded an investigation which successfully identified anonymous bloggers who had conspired with short sellers to manipulate the market for a corporation’s shares – currently being reviewed for prosecution.
  • Investigated fake online reviews and market manipulation by a ‘pass off’ competitor leading to the Competition and Markets Authority opening their own investigation.
  • Mapped all European points of sale of high-quality counterfeit garments, identified four clusters, and executed an enforcement strategy resulting in the confiscation of more than $50 million of stock. The group is now being investigated for money laundering by national authorities.
  • Leading a pioneering, litigation-funded effort to recover proceeds of crime from abroad for a UK coalition of victims.

Cyber Crime, Data Breach, and Leak of Information

  • Determined who leaked information at board level for several major British companies.
  • Investigated who was responsible for one of the largest international hacking incidents at a major Middle Eastern power company.
  • Successfully investigated multiple data breach incidents.
  • Identified numerous abusive anonymous authors (electronic and non-electronic).
  • Assisted multiple clients with business email compromise and fake CEO frauds.

Intellectual Property (IP) and Anti Counterfeit

  • Identified the theft of a trading algorithm from a fund, coordinating criminal prosecutions and civil litigation in six countries, which mitigated the damage to the client.
  • Discovered patent infringement by a global chip manufacturing company in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK that led to a multibillion-dollar out-of-court settlement for the client.
  • Successfully identified IP theft at several major global companies and law firms.
  • Organised covert evidential purchases of stolen and counterfeit goods.

Fraud and Corruption

  • Recovered over $20 million defrauded from a Middle Eastern and African telecoms company.
  • Led an investigation into black market sales for a major UK retailer, including infiltration of the ring responsible.
  • Investigated a bribery allegation involving the Czech Deputy Prime Minister, on behalf of the Czech Government.
  • Identified corrupt payments in Korea, and those responsible, for a FTSE 100 company.


  • Conducted an investigation into an alleged attempted murder of a former foreign premier.
  • Directed the location of an international fugitive and facilitated his arrest.
  • Investigated a cult to enable a father to retain custody of his children.

Education and Certifications

  • B.A. (Hons.), Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Balliol College, Oxford
  • First Scholar, Westminster School, London


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