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Angela Barkhouse

Associate Managing Director, Investigations and Disputes


Kroll Associates UK
Nexus Place, 25 Farringdon Street
London, EC4A 4AB

Angela Barkhouse is an Associate Managing Director with Kroll’s Investigations and Disputes practice, based in the London office. Angela consults with law firms, corporations, and governments in financial crime and asset recovery, including investigations into bribery, corruption, corporate fraud, stolen sovereign wealth, and cross-border asset recovery.

Angela had trained in industry since 2001 and held financial reporting roles in retail, creative media, and accounting firms before moving into forensic accounting in 2009. Her experience in monthly management reporting, managing accounting teams, and control systems in various companies has enabled Angela to effectively investigate false accounting, corporate fraud, and embezzlement of funds.

Angela has contributed to seminars, workshops, and policy dialogues on fraud, corruption, and stolen asset recovery.

Professional Experience

Angela’s broad range of investigative expertise spans forensic accounting, data analysis, asset tracing, and recovery. Her professional experience includes the following:

  • Led the forensic investigation into the misappropriation of substantial assets by members of the former regime of a country in South Asia following 30 years of one-party rule. Over $1 billion of assets were identified as having been misappropriated through the central banking system and government-owned instrumentalities. Investigated government agencies in relation to the misappropriation of public funds and abuse of position and worked closely with law enforcement and counsel. This resulted in the submissions of civil and criminal complaints in overseas jurisdictions and was settled in 2013.
  • Conducted a review of over 70,000 pages of documentation regarding the conviction of a government official in East Africa of embezzlement to determine the basis of the corrupt activity and the dissipation of assets and to identify missing evidence in support of criminal and civil proceedings.
  • Investigated the misappropriation of over $800 million of investor funds by senior executives of a Middle East bank, and tracing the flow of funds through various SPV companies to overseas assets beneficially owned by the same individuals.
  • Investigated whether there had been a conflict of interest or fraudulent conduct by a senior executive of an international hotel chain in the development of its hotels. During the investigation, Kroll conducted a corporate record review of all individuals and entities identified as being of interest. This public domain research was supplemented, where possible, with source enquiries to gather non-public information on certain individuals, their business associates, entities, and key relationships that existed during the period surrounding the relevant hotel projects, the circumstances of the hotel development, and the negotiation and execution of certain agreements which appeared to financially benefit the employees. Kroll’s investigation allowed the company to terminate or renegotiate a number of contracts due to wrongdoing or undisclosed information, resulting in savings of around $4 million.
  • Investigated the misappropriation of $120 million of assets in a dispute between the trustee and protector of a trust held in the Caribbean. The investigation required an examination of over 20,000 documents to determine the financial transactions that had been taken by the trustee or its principal from the time of the trusts’ establishment up to the point of the trustee’s removal. The analysis included reviews of control accounts and operating expenses, the elimination of personal loans via the netting off of apparently unrelated third party loans, analysis of alleged third party debts, and the basis for impairments of investments.
  • Quantified the total value of funds fraudulently obtained by one of the convicted defendants in a £1.1 billion fraud which involved false documentation, fabricated orders, and over 300 fake companies worldwide, which were used to obtain substantial loans from commercial banks.

Education and Certifications

  • MSc, Criminal Justice Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science. Coursework included International Criminal Law, Corporate Crime, Criminal Justice, and International Dispute Resolution: Courts and Tribunals.
  • BSc (Hons), Applied Accounting, Oxford Brookes University
  • Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
  • Diploma in Internal Audit (IIA)

Affiliations and Memberships

  • Fraud Advisory Panel
  • Fraud Women’s Network