Travel Risk Assessments

Address your travel risks at a pace that suits your needs with a robust assessment designed to minimize the impact of running your business.

Extraordinary events affecting business travel have become all too ordinary — the escalation of terrorism, infectious diseases, natural disasters and even general accidents or incidents. Such events are often beyond your control, yet corporate liability and the responsibility to safeguard employees and assets continue to grow.

Now more than ever, it’s important to reevaluate your perception of travel risk. We command the full range of services, the geographic reach, and the flexible, relationship-based structure and approach necessary to meet your evolving needs for travel safety around the globe.

We offer a fresh approach to travel risk assessment and a new set of tools to meet today’s operational risk management demands. This includes recommending policies and procedures, providing travel advisories, delivering immediate onsite assistance, and conducting specialized travel awareness training.

Our team approach ensures robust travel security management

We will provide a dedicated team to work with you to develop, manage, and implement systemic components for a robust travel security management infrastructure. Our emphasis is on true partnership. We seek to build relationships of trust, based on an understanding of what you need at the local, regional, and corporate levels. Our goal is to address your travel risk needs at a pace that suits your situation and in a manner designed to minimize the impact on the running of your business.

Count on our travel risk specialists for ongoing support

Our specialists are available as ongoing resources to our client counterparts to ensure that our services meet your requirements and that the full range of our capabilities is being brought to bear in the most timely and effective manner possible. These services can include:

  • Design of your travel policy and procedures. We believe this is the most important task to be completed as it forms the basis for managers, administration staff, and end-users to fully understand their responsibilities when organizing and travelling on business. The policy and procedures also fulfill your corporate responsibility in managing employee safety and welfare and will result in the whole organization having the same processes, procedures, and escalation measures. Additionally, it sets the levels of service you would require from third party providers which can be one of the tools to support your safe travel management program.
  • Selection and supervision of travel advisory services integration. These organizations provide differing levels of services with a variation of cost structures. We have knowledge of a vast number of these services and can advise you on the best solution for your organization at the most competitive price.
  • Employee travel awareness training. We can provide potentially lifesaving travel security training for as many as 30 people at a time or a small team of senior executives in any location with access to a meeting room. The training is formulated around a PowerPoint presentation, open discussion, introduction to company travel policy and procedures, and scenario-based learning. We can deliver the course in any office environment in most countries and in most languages.


  • Design and implementation of a business continuity and crisis response plan at group level and for site specific locations
  • In-depth risk assessments and site security surveys for existing and future locations
  • Site-specific evacuation plans
  • Act as crisis advisors to your group crisis management team as well as deployable crisis managers to assess the situation on the ground and assist with any situation or evacuation

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