Private Client and Family Office Services

Our security strategies provide the necessary personal protection clients request to enjoy a balanced, safe and secure lifestyle.

Kroll provides a variety of security risk management services to family offices and high net worth individuals. Threats to personal security can surface in varied and unexpected ways, including opportunistic street crime, obsessive stalkers, medical emergencies, accidents, fires and natural disasters.

Our objective is to recommend a security strategy that provides the required level of personal protection to enable clients to enjoy a balanced, safe and secure lifestyle.

At Kroll, we employ experts from such fields as intelligence, security, law and law enforcement, finance and accounting, management consulting, and information technology to help protect our clients, their families, and their property. With more than 50 offices located throughout the world, we are a single point of contact for global comprehensive security solutions. Our goal is to reduce risks through preventive procedures, seamlessly integrating security into our clients’ lifestyles.

Preventive services as diverse as private client needs



Our security methodology begins with a comprehensive and customized threat assessment of the risks that you face. We assess the threat level by reviewing the amount of public exposure for you and your family, reviewing any past security incidents, and interviewing employees and others who interact with you in your daily lives. We then conduct on-site reviews of security measures and policies at residences, offices and for travel. This review is followed by a written report that delineates findings and recommends immediate and practical improvements to security.


We will conduct full-scale background investigations of financial partners, corporate entities, and potential employees.


This benefit will include one, single-bureau credit report with credit score, three-bureau continuous credit monitoring, and recovery/restoration services for identity theft matters.


We provide a range of services to help ensure the integrity of information at home, in the office, and while traveling around the world.


Our team of independent financial professionals offers fraud investigations and financial due diligence services.


We will conduct a thorough evaluation of existing security measures and can also offer customized museum-quality security system designs that reflect sensitivity to architectural, lifestyle and aesthetic concerns.


Our high-risk environment learning center offers security awareness training for clients and staff. The comprehensive training includes instruction on identifying and avoiding potential threats and individual protective measures as well as defensive driving instruction.


Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, you can count on us for a full range of services to address the risk of traveling in today’s world. We will assess your current safety plans, provide travel intelligence and train family members in proper travel security.


Kroll employs highly trained professionals with law enforcement or military experience who provide executive protection both internationally and domestically.


We specialize in mitigating risk and helping clients protect their families, physical property and financial value. But despite the best planning, a crisis can still occur. If one does, you can count on us to respond immediately and professionally.


Our experts will analyze the risk posed by inappropriate or distressing letters, e-mail, phone calls or any other mode of communication. After the threat assessment is completed, we will investigate the risk it poses to you, identify the offender, and initiate police and legal action.


Internal theft and misappropriation of property are issues that affect many of our private clients. We conduct discreet, high-level internal investigations that include those requiring expert forensic accounting capabilities. Additionally, we provide high-level due diligence on potential business partners/entities, hedge fund managers, and private investments. Our multidisciplinary experts are equipped to quickly restore safety and normalcy to the lives of our clients, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We have the experience, resources, and operatives to provide security and logistical support to clients who wish for security assurance while on board their yachts. Depending on the size of the vessel and your requirements, we can operate from a yacht or follow the vessel along its itinerary and ensure we have identified security and safety issues at each port of call. This latter approach has worked extremely effectively in recent years for some clients who wish to maintain their privacy.