Event Security

Plan and attend special events at ease, knowing that your safety is secure from potential hazards with our time-tested methodology developing, organizing and implementing security plans.

With our in-country resources and decades of security expertise, Kroll is the premier provider of security services for special events — from shareholder meetings, board of directors meetings, and conferences to volatile restructuring support and creditors meetings to attendance at high-profile sporting events.

It can be overwhelming for attendees or organizers of special events to address all the potential hazards, from geo-political risks to venue-specific vulnerabilities to unpredictable crowd dynamics. That’s why clients the world over call us first when organizing or planning to attend a special event.

Enjoy all the action at sporting events

Our history of international activity makes Kroll the most experienced at providing security for clients at sporting events. Most recently, we provided special event security for clients attending the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil; 2014 Sochi and 2012 London Olympics; 2012 European Football Championships in Ukraine and Poland; and 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa

We focus on security so you can focus on business

Our security teams have decades of experience in developing, organizing, and implementing security plans for a wide variety of corporate gatherings. For example, we understand the unique risks of annual shareholder meetings and board meetings. When people’s livelihoods or investments hang in the balance as a result of corporate decisions, stakeholders including creditors, customers, suppliers and employees can often resort to drastic action.

Whether you need to make transformational decisions, promote your company to clients and prospects, or network with stakeholders and influencers, we’ll handle security so you can focus on business.

Our time-tested special event security methodology employs iterative phases that are applicable whether the event is on your premises or at an offsite location:

Our Methodology



Our in-country experts reconnoiter the locations on the ground to understand the risk profiles for the city, primary venue(s) and any excursion sites.


Local Resources Assessment

We will determine the existing availability of equipment/resources and the need for supplementary support to facilitate security, transportation or evacuation.


Intelligence Reports

Organizers can also request our event-specific Kroll Intelligence Reports leading up to and for the duration of the event. Using the latest technology, our in-country experts, intelligence analysts and risk management specialists will continually gather, corroborate and interpret current and emerging conditions to provide you with actionable intelligence for optimal attendee protection.


Security and Crisis Management Plan Design

After analysing all the data from our reconnaissance and research, we will design a comprehensive security plan, customizing our recommendations for your location and needs.


Event Security

Whether you require a single crisis manager/protection officer or an entire crisis management/security team for your special event, we can support you and your attendees with end-to-end security services that include access control; contingency plans for disruptive audience elements; liaison with law enforcement/venue security personnel; and TSCM sweeps and information security plan to secure sensitive information.

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