Forensic Due Diligence

In advance of an acquisition or significant investment, Kroll’s forensic due diligence analysis enables clients to assess the financial health of a target opportunity in several ways, from market intelligence to a specific transactional-level review and evaluation of internal controls.

In addition to conducting investigative due diligence on principals and their associates, Kroll’s financial investigations teams can undertake forensic due diligence on an organization, providing a review of financial transactions, accounting, compliance and operations. The fallout from discovering internal control failures after acquisition may have tremendous regulatory implications, including exposure to fraud, corruption and damages levied as a result of compliance violations.

Our international team of forensic accountants and investigative experts has successfully helped clients vet investments and potential acquisitions. We have been instrumental in proactively identifying and mediating issues for public companies, privately held firms, family offices, unions, educational institutions and government entities. Kroll’s specialists are experts in identifying and assessing questionable transactions and risk areas as the first line of defense in preventing and detecting fraud, financial crimes or potential sanctions-related issues.

Our forensic and financial due diligence expertise includes:

  • Analysis of contracts and identification of critical terms
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of internal controls
  • Assessment of risks in key operational areas
  • Performance of informational interviews
  • Transaction testing and verification of supporting documentation
  • Understanding and assessment of governance and transactional information

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