Credit Monitoring

Credit monitoring can be a powerful tool to offer in the wake of a data breach. Kroll provides a monitoring alert system that’s backed by the expertise of our licensed investigator team.

As the world’s leading provider of end-to-end cyber security services, Kroll offers a unique, holistic solution for data loss events, including facilitating access to credit reports and credit monitoring. For your company’s breached audience, identity credit monitoring can provide a meaningful tool to assist individuals in detecting the signs of identity theft that include fraudulent credit activity. When a breach occurs, we’ll work with you to determine exactly what data was breached, and if credit monitoring is the right solution for your customers.

Quite simply, monitoring credit is a tool that alerts consumers when changes have occurred to their credit profile. Kroll’s continuous credit monitoring service will notify the customer if certain activity is reported, including inquiries, new trade-lines, derogatory notices, public records, and changes of address – those most commonly associated with suspicious activity that may indicate the presence of identity theft. When changes occur, consumers can easily see whether the change is legitimate or whether it represents potential fraudulent activity. This monitoring can occur with one bureau only, or across all three. 

Kroll’s licensed investigators can help walk individuals through the process of reading their credit report, analyzing their credit data, and spotting evidence of identity theft or fraud. Individuals who believe unauthorized actions have been taken can also consult our licensed investigators to help determine if they are experiencing an identity theft issue.