Webinar: Ransomware

How to defend against digital hijacks of your business data, and what to do if you get hit

Cyber criminals have discovered the perfect tool to force modern business owners into the vice of extortion – drop malware onto an unsuspecting network to encrypt all the data and demand payment to provide the key to unlock the data. The attacked business has two choices; either lose access to years of data or pay a ransom to get the data back. The cyber criminals bank on the fact that businesses will pay to rescue their hijacked data.

Such attacks or ransomware are on the rise, fuelled by successful extortion payments. The types of businesses being targeted are expanding, and the delivery methods used to infect systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated. There are also many different types of malware now available; Crypto Wall also known as Crowti, Crypto Locker, FakeBSOD and The FBI scam.

Preparation is essential to surviving such attacks and monitoring of systems is needed to prevent them.

Join Jonathan Fairtlough, Managing Director in Kroll's Cyber Security Practice, and Brett Williams, Senior Regional Security Engineer at Carbon Black, as they discuss how to recognize and prepare to defend against ransomware as well as how to respond to them in the unfortunate event that you become a victim.

This webinar will be recorded and made available to all registrants within 48 hours of the event. Please register now to ensure your spot and to receive notice when the recording is available.

Thursday, March 10

Start Time:
1100 - Singapore/ Hong Kong
1200 - Tokyo
1900 - LA, (March 9)

75 mins