Webinar: Data Breach: How to advise your clients, company & board after a major breach

High profile data breaches are dominating the headlines. The data breach wave is starting to hit Asia.

If a data security incident occurs on your watch, are you ready?

Does your team have the expertise, resources and plan to provide the best response possible? In a typical data breach response, as you can see in this video for "Data Breach: You Need to Know," even though the company’s technical team follows the trail of evidence, lack of experience and planning can lead to costly mistakes and subsequent breaches.

Getting to the truth of how the breach occurred is not an easy task. Failing to communicate that to your stakeholders and clients can prove far more disastrous. In this webinar, you’ll hear from Kroll cyber security expert Jonathan Fairtlough. He’ll discuss how recent data breaches are showing the need for organizations and advisors to prepare for an attack, and know how to respond when your clients...and sometimes their families, are put at risk.

Jonathan and Kroll have experience with complex cyber investigations, including computer intrusions, insider attacks, ransomware and malware outbreaks, Internet fraud and theft of trade secrets. He has worked with clients on a wide range of cyber concerns, including security policy and implementation, incident investigation and detection, forensic analysis, malware analysis, and breach threat reduction.

60 min