PLI Conference 2017

Program: Think Like a Lawyer, Talk Like a Geek 2017: Get Fluent in Technology

Practising Law Institute | New York City
September 14, 2017
9:00 AM

Join Kroll's Keith Wojcieszek at the PLI Conference on September 14, 2017 in New York. Keith will be part of the program "Think Like a Lawyer, Talk Like a Geek 2017: Get Fluent in Technology.

Your client has advised you that it is creating a retail marketing website serving the U.S. and Europe. They need advice on contract negotiations with the website developer, compliance with U.S. credit card standards, compliance with privacy standards in the E.U. and strategies for keeping the website secure from hackers. Are you ready to lead these discussions and spot all the issues which may impact on your client? The lawyer who understands his or her client’s technology will stand out as a trusted counselor who can analyze and provide sound advice on technology issues. The availability of cheap and ubiquitous computing power is changing all aspects of business. As your client’s business changes to meet new technologies, the legal issues it encounters only multiply. A lawyer now has an obligation to understand the legal issues arising from his or her client’s adoption of new technology. However, without some knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the technology clients are using, a lawyer will not provide effective and useful advice.

Technology issues are also now part of virtually all civil litigations. Whether in dealing with eDiscovery, analysis of client records or information technology failures, the knowledgeable lawyer will have the winning edge. Success in the courtroom often depends on having the most effective understanding, analysis and presentation of a client’s technology-related disputes. Lawyers, who often have no formal technical training, are required by court rules to report on their client’s technology infrastructure so that a judge may address electronic discovery issues. Many discovery concerns can be resolved without reliance on expensive outside experts, if counsel understands the underlying technology. Using technology to get to the heart of a dispute gives a lawyer the ability to reach a favorable outcome faster. The client will recognize these superior insights and become loyal to an effective advocate. This unique program will give lawyers the necessary background to become more knowledgeable and effective advocates in technology-related matters.

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