osTriage: Improving Workflow from the Field to the Lab and Beyond

This course covers osTriage version 2, its capabilities, and how to leverage it in a multitude of ways to find relevant data faster.

The National Conference Center
December 17, 2015
9:00 AM

Instructor: Eric Zimmerman, Senior Director, Kroll Cyber Security and osTriage creator.

By getting answers to investigative questions in minutes, not months, osTriage helps move a case forward on both the investigative and prosecutorial fronts. Attendees will learn the advantages of using osTriage in a live response capacity including real time detection of encryption, user searches, device history, Registry information and much more. This tool is used by thousands of investigators throughout the world. The training is routinely sold out at the law enforcement venues where it is taught.

Prerequisites: a general understanding of computer based evidence and file systems
Required Gear: Bring your own laptop
Cost: $50 per person for non-KCS employees

Cost includes breakfast and lunch

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