IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2015

Data Breach Incident Response: Who’s Driving This Bus?

Legal counsel and cyber forensics experts play critical roles in data breach incident response. But they don’t always agree about how the event will be managed. Our presentation will explore, in an interactive point-counterpoint style, the pros and cons related to each one running the response and relying on the other for corroboration.

Traditional Breakout
March 5, 2015
12:45 PM

Brian Lapidus, Managing Director, Identity Theft and Breach Notification, Kroll
Jim Prendergast, Partner, Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith

What you’ll take away:

  • An understanding of the dependent elements these two experts must deliver toward a successful response
  • An expanded awareness of the need for attorney-client privilege in a data breach setting
  • What each is looking for, what can be delegated and what must be escalated

Eligible CPE Credit

Sponsored by: Kroll