12th ICC New York Conference on International Arbitration

This annual conference seeks to create a highly interactive environment and lively debate among arbitrators, legal practitioners, in-house counsel and academics who wish to learn more about developments in international dispute resolution.

New York University | New York, NY
September 27, 2017
11:00 AM

Join Kroll's Jennifer Rothstein at ICC on September 27th in New York for a panel on: "A duty to protect and secure: safeguarding confidential information in a digital world"

Recent events have drawn attention to the necessity of protecting sensitive confidential information from being accessed by and distributed to the wrong hands. Within the world of international arbitration, proprietary information is entrusted by the parties to institutions, counsel and arbitrators. This panel will share practical strategies that can be implemented to reduce the risk of a security breach and how to minimize the impact of a possible cyber-attack. The guidance on use of technology offered by the new ICC Commission report on Information Technology in International Arbitration will also be discussed. The panelists will also consider the duty of the players in the arbitral process to safeguard confidential information. Should a “standard of care” for data security be determined? If so, what should those be, who should set them and who should enforce them?

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