Investigate Business and Financial Misconduct

Whether you suspect internal fraud, a data breach, or have assets that need tracing, our multi-disciplinary team of experts can be your partner to investigate business and financial misconduct with speed and discretion, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.

Forensic Accounting

Whether you have already discovered wrongdoing or suspect it, our forensic accountants can unravel and evaluate the most complex transactions and records. Supported by analysts, statisticians, former SEC investigators, and other experts firm-wide, they will uncover and interpret the facts surrounding all your financial issues. Learn more.

Internal Investigations

Internal fraud is one of the most complex, disruptive issues your company can face. Our global team of experts can advise and support you at every stage, from investigation to recovery, training and prevention. A vital added benefit is that stakeholders view us as truly independent and objective. Learn more.

Asset Searches

Locating assets hidden by a former partner, stolen by a corrupt official, or awarded in a legal judgment can be a herculean task. We successfully conduct numerous international asset searches every year, tenaciously going after offshore capital flight havens, creditor-unfriendly jurisdictions and alter-ego companies. Learn more.

Litigation Support

When you and your counsel are engaged in litigation, SEC inquiries and other legal matters, our diverse team of experts will devise effective fact-finding strategies; identify, vet and interview potential witnesses; develop information on adverse parties and witnesses; and present evidence in an expert capacity. Learn more.

Investigative Due Diligence

Knowing when to pursue a deal, invest in a joint venture or enter a new market — and when to walk away — requires intelligence of the highest order. Our diverse team of experts and elite network global sources deliver unmatched insight for your decision-making. Learn more.

Anti-Money Laundering

Taking on global investors and serving global customers all offer potentially great rewards. However, you also assume the regulatory burden of understanding the background, identity and reputation of all those involved. Our AML services offer supreme flexibility, from technology-enabled solutions to enhanced investigations. Learn more.

Cyber Crime Investigations

When cyber crime hits, you need clear answers to critical questions on the scope of your incident. Our experts are among the industry’s top practitioners and have proven track records for successfully delivering a full range of investigative solutions — from evidence collection to data analysis to fraud and internal investigations. Learn more.

Resilience Consulting

In today’s hyper-connected world, you must be able to adapt and remain operational throughout disruptive times, including investigations. Risk management is at the core of being resilient, and for over 40 years, we have been serving on the front lines, managing risk for diverse clients worldwide. Learn more.


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