Analyze Business Relationships

The number of business relationships can be vast. Employees, shareholders, suppliers, attorneys, accountants, financiers, competitors, trade groups, regulators - all affect your organization’s ultimate well-being. Learn how they can be the source of risk or reward with the business and financial analysis Kroll’s investigative and due diligence services provide.

Internal Investigations

Fraud and misconduct cause tremendous harm to an organization’s balance sheet, stature and reputation. We specialize in carefully planned, capably managed investigations to identify wrongdoers, curtail loss and reestablish trust with shareholders, partners, customers, regulators and government agencies. Learn more.

Regulatory Investigations

Regulators worldwide continue to focus strongly on bribery, kickbacks, anti-competitive behavior and “pay-to-play” schemes involving governments. Our unmatched investigative capabilities, worldwide presence and longstanding reputation for independence and integrity make us uniquely qualified for resolving regulatory concerns. Learn more.

Litigation Support

When you and your counsel face complex disputes, trust Kroll for intelligence at all stages of litigation. We have supported counsel in many multi-jurisdictional litigation and in diverse matters such as commercial disputes, securities, IP protection and fraud. We also provide ediscovery and data retrieval, investigative accounting, damages assessments and expert testimony. Learn more.

Screening & Due Diligence

Implementing an effective regulatory compliance process, and mitigating economic and reputational risk starts with knowing whom you’re doing business with. Our screening solutions will allow you to understand the risk profiles of prospective and current business partners, and to identify areas for further investigation. Learn more.

Kroll 3rd Party Risk Assessor

An increased focus on global regulatory compliance has resulted in greater pressure on companies to take a closer look at their third party relationships and joint partners. The Kroll 3rd Party Risk Assessor tool helps you prioritize those third parties that present the greatest threat to your organization and require greater scrutiny. Learn more.

Penetration Testing

Even if you have a robust information security program, will a potential acquisition be a weak link? Kroll can help you determine if a new relationship is a cyber risk by conducting penetration testing—a simulated cyber attack—that looks at how vulnerable the organization is to technological and social engineering attacks. Learn more.


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