The Kroll Compliance Portal

An Easy-To-Use, Powerful Technology Solution to Help Organizations Efficiently Manage and Mitigate Third Party Risks

The Kroll Compliance Portal offers a holistic approach to your third party compliance process, bringing together the four major components needed to help your company comply with mandates under the FCPA, UKBA and other global anti-corruption laws — advice, technology, data and diligence. We have combined a technology-enabled solution with access to our experienced due diligence analysts and investigators so you can prioritize your resources and attention on those relationships that make you most vulnerable.

Take A Risk-Based Approach To Managing Your Third Parties

The vendor or business associate you vet and approve today may be different tomorrow, and present new and previously unknown risks. Acting as an extension of compliance organizations, the Kroll Compliance Portal provides access to capabilities designed to bring efficiency and consistency to third party compliance programs, including:

First View Screening

First View Screening

  • Real-time risk screening of Sanctions and Enforcement, PEPs, State-Owned Enterprises, Adverse Media
  • False-positive reviews by Kroll


  • Send, Track, Score
  • Customize questionnaires to your needs
  • Translate into other languages
  • Automatically risk score responses
Due Diligence Report

Due Diligence Report

  • Experienced research analysts
  • Risk-based approach
  • Global reach, global reputation
  • Seamlessly submit batch requests


  • Establish automated, consistent workflows
  • Facilitate global decision-making
  • Reduce manual processes, improve efficiency


Configurable and Scalable

Customize your tool to facilitate your unique decision-making processes.

  • Advanced user permissions. Control access at different levels within your organization.
  • Intuitive tiled interface. Enables both internal users and external third parties to learn the system quickly, greatly reducing training time.
  • Mobile ready. Responsive design optimized for desktop, tablet or mobile use, encouraging access by your teams and third parties.
  • Cloud-based platform. Allows you to develop and scale a secure portal infrastructure as your third party compliance needs evolve and expand.

Access to Kroll’s Screening and Due Diligence Expertise

  • First View. Conduct real-time screens on vendors and other third parties by searching databases that include sanctioned entities, state-owned enterprises, politically exposed persons and adverse media data.
  • Full spectrum of due diligence. You choose according to your needs – from screening a high volume of vendors in a fully automated manner, to drawing on the first hand insights of our global on-the-ground team members.
  • Global reach and subject matter expertise. Kroll has a deep network of affiliates, subject matter experts and researchers in more than 150 countries.
  • Analyst-driven research. Going beyond validating a subject’s identity and minimizing false positives, Kroll analysts provide valuable insight into potential risks, allowing you to focus attention and resources in the right places.

Security Features

Built on a third-party provided platform that utilizes a robust security architecture. The suite of security features and certifications include:

  • U.S.-EU and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor self-certifications
  • TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Independent evaluation in the form of SOC 1 (SSAE 16), SOC 2

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