Kroll 3rd Party Risk Assessor

Your Roadmap to Third-Party Due Diligence

Navigating this territory can be confusing and complex—especially when you are not sure where to start. Kroll's 3rd Party Risk Assessor is a compliance software solution that helps you take the first step toward establishing a risk-based compliance program by determining which third parties present the greatest threat to your organization. Armed with this information, your organization is better able to prioritize future due diligence efforts.

Built on Kroll’s 40 years of preventing and responding to bribery and fraud risks around the world, our methodology:

  • calculates a profile for your third-party relationships using 10 risk-based attributes—such as country of operation, annual revenue, industry, level of oversight and more;
  • categorizes business relationships by level of risk (Low, Medium, High);
  • provides actionable recommendations for performing other due diligence services, which are tailored to your individual needs based on the results of the assessment.


Kroll 3rd Party Risk Assessor helps you:

  • enter into new markets and transactions with confidence;
  • understand the relative risks associated with your third parties;
  • establish a clear and consistent methodology for determining the appropriate level of due diligence and your efforts to address the relationships that pose the greatest threats;
  • protect your brand reputation and maintain business continuity;
  • avoid undesired legal and/or financial consequences; and
  • make the business case you need to build an informed compliance program by first prioritizing the risks associated with your third parties.

An increased focus on global regulatory compliance has resulted in highly publicized incidents of corruption and bribery—placing greater pressure on corporations to take a closer look at their third-party and joint venture relationships.

For corporate boards, legal counsel and compliance officers, this means evaluating the risk associated with your business relationships. Doing so can help you preserve brand integrity and business continuity, while protecting against lawsuits, fines and other undesirable consequences of a regulatory violation.

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