Trusted intelligence, investigations and advisory services.


Kroll is the leading global provider of risk solutions. We've been helping clients make confident risk management decisions about people, assets, operations and security for more than 40 years.


We specialize in identifying, remediating and monitoring risk across your enterprise. We address each client issue with a unique team tailored to your situation.


We serve a global clientele through more than 50 offices across nearly 30 countries. Individually, our 2,000 professionals offer a wide range of specialized skills, while together, we deliver an unrivaled mix of talent and experience in virtually any market.

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  1. Nov 04

    The New Age of Executive Protection: Cyber Risk Security

    November 4, 2015

    Learn best practices from experts who have had to defend against cyber theft, evaluate companies for the risk of cyber crime, respond to and investigate theft-related breaches or seek legal remedy to recover losses.

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  2. Oct 27

    Spotlight Australia - Assessing the risks and rewards of Chinese investment in Australia

    October 27, 2015

    Join Kroll’s team as they share the shifting dynamics of Chinese investment into Australia, replete with both risks and rich rewards at every turn. It includes an in-depth interview with Violet Ho, Senior Managing Director, and Richard Dailly, Managi...

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  3. May 21

    Spotlight on Thailand

    May 21, 2015

    Thailand has long been a central hub for Western investment. The second largest economy in the region, it is developed and sophisticated with good infrastructure, communications, and a business friendly environment.

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  4. Apr 21

    Spotlight Myanmar: Myanmar at The Tipping Point: The 2015 Elections, and The State of The Country’s Reform Process

    April 21, 2015

    Join Kroll's Myanmar team to discuss their views on the state of the country's reform process, likely scenarios in the upcoming elections, and the risks they are seeing.

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