Data Breach Notification

Kroll data breach notification solutions—from drafting compliant letters, to full-service mailing help, to reassuring call center experts—take the burden off your organization.

Get the right information to the right people at the right time

With Kroll’s data breach notification team, you’ll have the support you need to get the right information to the right people at the right time. We will work closely with you to optimize speed and deliverability while also reducing unnecessary notification costs.

Our breach notification specialists have assisted clients across diverse industries with their notification responsibilities. As such, we understand how different industries—especially highly regulated ones like healthcare—have differing obligations and differing levels of risk. We’ll help you and your counsel draft notices and optimize this critical communication so that your messages are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the data involved, as well as timely and cost-effective.

Kroll’s data breach notification and remediation team can work with an address file prepared by you, or we can create the file from your data sets (structured and unstructured). Either way, we can:


  • Standardize and scrub for optimal delivery
  • Draft and distribute data breach notification packets
  • Provide you with comprehensive reports that demonstrate and document your best effort to locate, notify and serve those people affected by your event
  • Manage returned mail


We’ll work with you to create positive, consumer-focused messaging that explains the data breach event while preserving brand integrity. We’ll leave your customers feeling confident and protected — knowing that if identity theft or fraud does occur, our Identity Theft Resolution team will be there to help them handle the situation quickly and effectively.

From data breach notification to peace of mind

Sometimes, when it comes to data breach notification, a real conversation can go a long way in easing concerns about the event. That’s why we quickly engage our multilingual customer support center to provide front-line support for affected individuals. There’s no scrambling to assemble and train a team — this skilled, background-checked staff is already in place, prepared to serve your breached audience right away.

Our data breach notification representatives are capable of answering thousands of inquiries quickly and professionally to help you maintain stakeholder trust. We’ll work with you to create a data breach notification FAQ customized to your business and industry, allowing our support team to function as a seamless extension of your company. Our data breach notification call center also provides access to Kroll’s licensed investigators, who can help consumers place personalized safeguards to reduce the likelihood of financial impact from unauthorized use of their lost or exposed data.

Whenever data breach notification is necessary, you can be confident that Kroll is standing by to partner with your company’s leadership and your legal counsel — putting you in the best defensible position in the event of a data breach.