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Screening & Red Flag Identification

Implementing an effective regulatory compliance process, and mitigating economic and reputational risk starts with knowing whom you’re doing business with.

Kroll’s programmatic Screening and Red Flag solutions offer a cost-effective way to deal with the breadth of your existing business relationships and new potential investments and partners. Offering a unique combination of online access, up-to-the-minute data and actionable information, our Screening & Red Flag solutions allow our clients to understand the risk profiles of prospective and current business partners, and to identify areas for further investigation.

These solutions meet a range of business needs: from supporting compliance with AML, KYC, Patriot Act, FCPA, and UK Anti-Bribery regulations, to identifying potential risk factors in the early stages of considering new business relationships and investments.

By applying human intelligence to publicly available data, including a wide range of sanctions and regulatory watch lists, media, and our proprietary database, our solutions efficiently meet the requirements of global companies by confirming any issues identified pertain to the subject in question. As part of a Screening program, our analysts help prioritize risks to determine if the situation would require enhanced due diligence.

In addition, as part of Red Flag identification, Kroll analysts research selected print and online media, social media, blogs and public records – in English and the local language – with a focus on identifying adverse and noteworthy risk-relevant information.

Case Study: FCPA Compliance Screening in the Oil and Gas Industry

Kroll was engaged by a leading global oil and gas contractor to help facilitate compliance with strict FCPA guidelines that were demanded of the company following an FCPA settlement with the US Department of Justice. Kroll collected data from the company, from third parties and from our own due diligence screening process, and used all three sources as the basis for evaluating potential risks and developing appropriate next steps for additional diligence.

Case Study: Red Flag Report for Global Investment Bank with 24-Hour Turnaround

A major global investment bank engaged Kroll to conduct red flag research of a major company in the European automotive industry, in a 24-hour timeframe, to support winning a large-scale UK banking deal. Utilizing in-house language skills, and global presence, Kroll conducted research into the target company, focusing on noteworthy information pertaining to litigation and regulatory issues as well as other pertinent industry-specific risks and concerns involving the company, its management and its corporate governance, in English and the local language. Researchers worked around the clock, and around the globe from Kroll’s offices in the US, Hong Kong, and London contributed to the research within the 24-hour timeframe. Findings were presented to the bank’s risk committee. After the client won the deal, we conducted additional due diligence.

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Screening & Red Flag Identification | Kroll Kroll’s programmatic Screening and Red Flag solutions offer a cost-effective way to deal with the breadth of your existing business relationships and new potential investments and partners Screening and Red Flag Identification, Anti Money Laundering, AML, Know your Customer, KYC, Patriot Act, FCPA, UK Anti Bribery Regulations, Risk Committee